I find it incredible how something as simple as a smile can impact the world. October 2nd is World Smile Day and it commemorates the commercial artist Harvey Ball and his creation of the iconic yellow circle smiley face.

This well known symbol makes a statement about the power of smiling and is intended to demonstrate goodwill and good cheer. It’s now a common addition to our digital communications and numerous advertising campaigns.

There’s an old saying:

If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours.

This is a mindset I have had most of my life and is a concept I put into action in the 6th grade when I found myself called upon to be an unlikely leader.

A war was brewing in my neighborhood. The condo association believed there were two distinct groups living in our community: the Old People and Those Heathen Kids.

The kids were disturbing the older people by riding bikes and leaving toys on walkways. The Old People grumbled, complained, and shot piercing glances at the innocent-looking culprits.

It wasn’t WW3 but, just the same, there was no peace.

Because I had allies on both sides, it wasn’t long before I was appointed to be the solutions-based ambassador.

It was decided the youth would organize a beautification project by planting a community flower garden. To raise funds the kids painted rocks and sold them. The young artists also did chores for the older people in exchange for their art work: small rocks for taking out trash, medium rocks for walking pets, and larger ones for jobs needing lithe, energetic bodies.

In the end everyone smiled. Personally, I was greatly impacted by my ability to influence an outcome that worked well for the community.

There are simple things you can do everyday to share a positive life philosophy with others and brighten up their day:

  • Make people around you smile.

  • Do a random act of kindness: buy a stranger a coffee, or compliment someone.

  • Surprise someone in your family with a visit, cook a meal for them, or do something special for them.

  • Volunteer your time, money, or both to a local nonprofit organization.

These are the kind of things people who live an OolaLife do every day.

I haven’t always had Oola. I learned about it only three years ago. But I have always lived my life trying to share a win-win perspective.

Years ago I developed a training approach that provided a bridge between old and new thinking. Implementing this system often resulted in a solution that appeased both sides. It also overcame the “us versus them” mentality. I called it the “You Smile, I Smile” way of thinking.

Even though in my professional field I facilitated conflict solutions, personally I was struggling with a “me versus me” conflict. I longed to be a new person yet kept relying on old habits.

I was in my 50’s when I became a Certified Oola Life Coach. It was by using the Oola Framework that my own transformation happened. Who I longed to become finally blossomed like the lovely rose bushes in the Community Garden I helped build as a youth. Now I have the honor of helping others change their lives.

Some things I help my clients discover:

  1. Their God-given greatness and purpose

  2. How to quiet their inner battles

  3. A life of balance and growth in the seven key areas

Inspiring others through Oola Life Coaching makes me smile. When my clients find relief from the pain of a problem they thought was unsurmountable, or when they experience a breakthrough and realize their goal is possible, that’s the key moment. That’s my win/win.

I want to help make people smile. I’m not looking for just a gentle lift of the lower lip. I want to see a smile where the whole face lights up and the soul ignites. I’m on a journey to make my mark in the world by contributing to no less than a thousand smiling faces.

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