Building the Bridge to your Dream Job

Building the Bridge to your Dream Job

Restoring balance as you pursue your OolaLife can become addictive. You are gaining momentum from the little wins along your journey, and the life you dream of and deserve is becoming more in reach than ever before. We always knew you had it in you.

As your OolaLife begins to fall into place, you’ve found the "I can do this!" type of confidence needed to take your life to the next level. You’re ready to step out on faith and fully embrace the greatness and purpose that God has placed within you.

If that means following your heart to your dream job, the thing you’d do if money were no object, here are 4 steps you can take to make that often-difficult transition possible and enjoyable:

  • Stay relevant. Even if your dream job seems too far away to make the leap, doesn’t mean that you can’t attempt to become expert in the industry. Stay current on where your dream job is heading. Compare the financial rewards of your current job versus those of your dream career. Study, learn, and never stop growing. Those factors will keep you in good standing in your current position, and they will open more doors when you’re ready make the transition into your dream job.
  • Set up a plan. Identify exactly what your dream job looks like and come up with the action steps needed to get you there. What sort of financial cushion will you need to make the transition? Does your family support your plans? Are you mentally and physically ready to take that leap of faith? Put your house in order before you shake it to the rafters.
  • Network. Find a mentor in your desired industry, take advantage of networking events in your area and don't be afraid to ask around on social network sites. Seek out people that have the characteristics and knowledge you want in the next chapter of your career, and learn from them.
  • Crush your current job. Bring value to your current position, work with enthusiasm and let your impressive work ethic shine. If circumstances change and you decide it’s wiser to keep your day job a little longer, these traits will make your job more enjoyable. Be grateful for the opportunity you have and carry it out with style.

Pursuing your dream job is very Oola. By staying current, developing a transitional plan, networking and bringing immense value to your current position, you will begin to build the bridge between where you are and where you want to go.