How to Find the Joy in Each Day

How to Find the Joy in Each Day

"I am pursuing the joys of life."

Although these simple words, lifted from one of our Affirmation Bands, is associated with fun, it can be applied to the other key areas of an OolaLife as well.

Choose joy. It’s so Oola! We see it everywhere: in our families, our friends and the people we’ve met on our journey to Oola. Even in the tears we share on our Oola Dream Tour, there’s the joy of helping one another find the path to an Oola Life, one goal at a time.

Joy is a choice, and it’s one that the OolaSeeker made when he realized his life wasn't where he wanted it to be. It’s one we continue to make every day.

How do we nurture the joy that comes with living Oola? By embracing the key areas that, when in balance, bring us the joys of life:

  • Focus on your health. Get enough sleep. Engage in exercise, an activity that sends endorphins running through your body. Eat well. In becoming fit, we find the energy to experience the joy of a backyard soccer game with our family and the passion to pursue our chosen field. It sets the stage for joy.
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Seek out the good that’s happening around you. Expect the best and, in the challenging moments, find reason to rejoice, if only for the lessons you’ve learned. It’s contagious. Watch it spread to others as they respond to your joyous spirit.
  • Connect with your friends. And also connect with a few strangers through random acts of kindness. Because you’re on your way to a financially sound OolaLife–or you’re already there–you can indulge in the joy of sharing with others. A sense of humility and love for others has a way of rewarding you as much as those you serve.
  • Finally, take a quiet moment to reflect on faith. Our belief brings us hope and joy. Maybe it’s a moment of prayer or a time of meditation. Secure a sense of purpose in the total picture of life.

Never forget, be grateful, have faith and go get your OolaLife!

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