4 Ways To Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

4 Ways To Help Reach Your Fitness Goals

When looking back on the past 20 years of her life, “the list of things I couldn’t do far exceeded the list of things I could,” Melissa Cairns told the OolaGuys.

Going after her OolaLife, she immediately focused on fitness, determined to lose 229 pounds. But with success came the realization that her weight affected all seven key areas of her life - fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun.

And today, 90 pounds from reaching her goal, she’s living larger than life in a whole new way! It’s not about what she’s lost, but what she’s gained.

Now that’s Oola! To the thousands who fill out the red fitness sticker, vowing to kick fear, doubt, worry and regret out of their way, we hope Melissa’s story brings you hope. Take a quick inventory of what you’re putting in your body, negative thoughts and self-defeating behaviors as well as that half-pound bacon burger and chili-cheese fries.

In the end, fitness is really about finding a healthy balance, physically and mentally. And with summer in full swing, here’s a few ways to weather the barbecue season without losing sight of your OolaGoals!

  • Did you ever see what bubbles out of that brat browning on the grill when you accidentally pierce the casing? Face it, barbecue fare is full of fat, sugar and all the other junk that brought you to where you are today. But it tastes so good! And since Oola is all about finding balance and living large, here’s a compromise. Allow yourself one indulgence, whether it’s a serving of pulled pork, a slice of rhubarb pie or a spoonful of caramel apple salad, a concoction as decadent as it sounds. Practice portion control – keep the pulled pork to a half-cup – and fill the rest of your plate with the lean proteins, veggies and fruits that fuel a healthy lifestyle!

  • Be creative! Those veggies can include a grilled ear of corn, delicious sprinkled with a little chili-lime seasoning. Look for salads with a clear dressing. Wrap that burger (or even better, chicken breast) in a leaf of romaine instead of a bun. Or, if you’re running the show, serve grilled kebabs. Even better, let guests make their own!

  • OK, you knew this was coming. Now work off your indulgences. Join the family soccer game in the side yard, step up to the bat in the sand-lot softball game or swim a few laps in the pool. As Melissa says in our new book, “Oola for Women,” the reward of losing weight is being able to DO … and in this case, it returns the favor by helping you along your OolaPath to fitness.

  • Hopefully, you’re surrounded by family and friends; have fun! Social interaction is a great catalyst to mental wellbeing, and physically as well! Jump into a game. Share your Oola; encourage others by setting an example of what’s possible when you set your heart and mind to it.

And in everything, be grateful, have faith and go get your OolaLife!

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