4 Habits to Help Overcome Envy

4 Habits to Help Overcome Envy

The world is an infinite place. There's more than enough to go around. But many times we catch ourselves going through life feeling bad about ourselves because someone has more ... or they're better ... or their life is just different.

Of course, it's normal to compare your life to others. This perfectly normal emotion, called jealousy, comes from comparing yourself to those around you, then wanting what they have. Jealousy is normal as long as it passes through you. But when jealousy sticks around and begins to mold into envy, that's when it becomes an OolaBlocker.

So what's the difference between the two? Envy is jealousy taken to a new level. You want what others have, and you don’t want them to have it anymore. Envy will not get you what you desire. In fact, it will keep you from what you desire.

Is envy holding you back from enjoying the fruits of your own labors? Here are 4 ways to overcome envy and remove yourself from this covetous trap.

  • Don’t let outside influences define your vision of who you should be and what your life should look like. All too often, we allow society to define what an "ideal lifestyle" is. We watch celebrities on TV and think they've got it goin' on. We read lifestyle magazines that make us feel bad about our own circumstances. Your life is unique. So is your path. Don't fall into the comparison trap.
  • Instead of envying what others have, learn from them. Rather than being envious of what others are doing, use it as inspiration for what's possible. As the OolaGuys like to remind us, we’re not on this journey alone. Surround yourself with people who will inspire, encourage and empower you to do better and be better. Share in their achievements and follow their lead in setting your own goals. Never be afraid to reach out for advice from someone who has achieved your definition of success in the area/s of life your trying to balance and grow.
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Instead of focusing on the things that are missing from your life, take a few moments each day to look around and be thankful for the simple, yet beautiful things that make your life unique. Then, dare to dream. By setting goals, you can turn those dreams into your new reality.
  • Finally, share the new joy you’ve found. Collaborate, join forces and make good things happen. Be generous in sharing the things that have brought you to this point. Instead of living under a toxic cloud, claim your Oola and send out the ripples of joy you’re found waiting there.