3 Steps to Rediscovering Your Passion

3 Steps to Rediscovering Your Passion

Who’s going to stop you from finding the passion that leads to an OolaLife?

Chances are, when you look at the OolaBlockers–fear, guilt, anger, self-sabotage, laziness, envy and lack of focus–the answer is pretty clear. We’re often our own worst enemy. But we’re speaking from experience when we tell you that passion trumps them all.

The OolaSeeker knows well the passion that led him back to Oola. He thirsted for a better life that overrode the fear, guilt, anger and self-sabotage that brought him to his darkest point. He found the inner strength to follow his passion only after until pure desperation forced him to face his situation.

It’s not always easy to recognize our unique passion as we try to achieve what others expect of us and become the person they want us to be. It’s only when we clear away the clutter of others’ expectations and opinions that we can tap into our God-given purpose and begin living a life that fires on all cylinders.

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to rediscover yourself, and the passion that fuels your dreams, only then will you be able to begin to live the life God designed you to live. Here are 3 ways to begin:

  • Open your mind to possibilities. At his lowest point, when all seemed lost, the OolaSeeker still saw a window of opportunity. Look back on the happiest, most fulfilling times of your life and draw from them what ignited your passion. Now imagine what you’d be doing today if nothing stood in your way. Grab hold of that passion and ride it into the future.
  • Anticipate the OolaBlockers. Oh, if only nothing stood in our way! By preparing to meet fear, laziness and lack of focus head-on, you rob them of their power. You’ll recognize them for what they are and, with great passion, you’ll kick them out of the way. If you are on the OolaPath, are setting goals and are taking action to find balance among the seven Fs–fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun–your passion will only accelerate your journey to an OolaLife.
  • Bravely step forward. Here comes the fun part: Trust that inner voice, and take the leap. Follow your passion as it takes you new places in every key area of your life. If you are true to yourself and honestly tapping into your Oola, only good can come from this reawakening. And remember, always …

Be grateful, have faith and go get your OolaLife!