Oola is a state of awesomeness where your life is balanced and growing in seven key areas.

Fitness is the first of the seven F’s of Oola. All of the seven F’s have affirmations. The affirmation for OolaFitness is:

“I Am Fit, Healthy, Disciplined and Strong”

But what is Fitness?

Working out more? Eating healthier? Drinking less alcohol? Quitting smoking?

Yes, and I’ve discovered, in my journey to OolaFitness, it’s also about living a balanced life in body, mind, and spirit.

In May of 2017, I was not fit, healthy, disciplined or strong. In fact my OolaFitness journey began with a trip to the emergency room.

I was diagnosed with Stress Induced Bell’s Palsy. I was terrified. I had no time to be sick. My son had just been deployed by the military. I was helping my daughter-in-law with the grandkids. Also, I was the full time caregiver for my disabled daughter.

Thankfully all the usual tests: blood pressure, blood work and brain scan, came back normal. And though I was forty pounds overweight, the doctors were happy with the results.

Then the question came up, “What’s happening in your life now that could be causing additional stress?”

To find the answer I was forced to take a good look at my life. I discovered I was ignoring some things, wasn’t allowing myself to feel all the feelings, and I was shoving other things down deep inside of me.

2017 was not a fun year. My eighteen year old marriage was in distress. Our finances were a mess. I was overweight and overworked. I lost my joy, my life, and my passion, while I was taking care of others. I was tired all the time. My life was definitely out of balance.

I started reading the Oola books and following Dr Troy and Dr Dave on Social Media. One of the first things I learned is that where you are is not who you are. I also began to believe that everything I needed, to make changes in my life, was inside of me. I just had to let it out.

As I began taking daily action steps for my health, I started to feel better. Then, January 2, 2018, I participated in a 14 Day OolaTea Detox Challenge. I dropped ten pounds in 14 days! But the biggest benefit was realizing I could detox every area of my life. This was the jump start I needed to get my OolaLife.

Fitness principals are possible to apply in all the other F’s of Oola: financial fitness, healthy relationships, work related stress, believing in a higher purpose, and making time for yourself to just have fun.

By digging deep into Oola I became mentally fit by:

  • Setting boundaries

  • Being authentic

  • Saying ‘No’ more often

  • Reevaluating toxic relationships

  • Choosing a positive and loving inner dialog

Now, when I set OolaFitness goals, I include steps to improve physical goals, mental clarity, and emotional health.

One of the best things you can do to start your journey to OolaFitness is to say the Affirmation daily. Say it out loud and believe it:

I Am Fit, Healthy, Disciplined and Strong.

Listening to your mind and your heart, as you pursue OolaFitness, will bring you balance: body, mind, and spirit.

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